NFL Fan Free Agency: Bracket Winners (Part 2)


Dayne Young and I finished out the second to last post and podcast of my NFL Fan Free Agency. We selected the final two bracket winners, which narrowed down the field to the final four teams in contention to be my new favorite NFL franchise. In addition, we talked about the NBA Draft and Free Agency (before the Chris Paul trade.)

The two match-ups we debated in this podcast:

Cowboys vs. Falcons

Cardinals vs. Vikings

Bracket Winners (Part 2) Podcast on iTunes:

Bracket Winners (Part 2) Podcast on Google Play:

After a brisk debate, the Falcons and the Minnesota Vikings moved on to the Final Four. They will join the Jaguars and the Bengals as the possible teams that could be my next favorite franchise. Remember though, I have the option to swap any of the final four teams for one that has been eliminated, based on the draft and free agency results. In addition, Evan Powell will have something to say with his players bracket and argument.

Bracket Update:


Stay tuned for the final debate, which will be live on YouTube, and will include multiple people helping me debate and decide who my next favorite team will be. Also, keep a look out for more NBA discussion with the off-season in full swing.


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