NFL Fan Free Agency: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part V – Rookies and Young Guns


It’s time for the fifth entry by Evan Powell for my NFL Fan Free Agency. This is the fourth and final part of the players bracket in order to try and convince me to root for players instead of a team. This time he presented the rookies and young guns, and it was quite the impressive list.

My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part V – Rookies and Young Guns:

Here is an excerpt:

Brief Overview: The final quadrant of the Player Bracket for Ben’s Fan Free Agency will include names most recently seen among the college ranks. Some of these players just had their introduction into the NFL last weekend with the 2017 Draft, others have been in the NFL for a maximum of 1-2 seasons and are still trying to make a name for themselves on football’s biggest stage. While largely unproven, the players from this segment represent endless possibilities. Some of these guys might be out of the League in 5 years. Others from this group might just be delivering a speech at the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, OH in 25 years. There’s really no way to know just how high these young players will fly, but the sky is the limit. Ben, this might be the most exciting segment of the Player Bracket – it certainly contains the most potential. If you pick one of the players listed below to be your new favorite player, it’s possible you won’t have to have another favorite player for a long time to come!

1.) Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliot (Dallas Cowboys) – If I’m not mistaken, this is the THIRD player bundle included in the Player Bracket that hails from the Big D. Jerry World seems like a cool place to be, and he sure knows how to accumulate some talented football players. And with the recent addition of Prescott and Elliot, it is almost assured that the ‘Boys will be exciting to watch for some time to come. Ezekiel took the league by storm last season – not only being the best rookie running back, but perhaps the best running back, period. Dak didn’t get to start Week 1, but after a bad injury hampered Tony Romo and sidelined him for much of the season, Dak took the field and never looked back. He played so well, in fact, that even after Tony was healthy and ready to play late in the season, Prescott was still the man at the helm. It had been made clear – it was Dak’s team. Bonus: Dak Prescott was also a Bulldog – just the other breed from the SEC. I think it’s cool that he played at Mississippi State – one of the small handful of really successful #HailState players in the NFL. Easy to cheer for. Plus, did you see how excited he was when Mississippi State’s women’s basketball team beat UCONN?

I hope you enjoy the full list of 8 NFL Rookies and Young Guns. Evan does a great job justifying their inclusion on the list. It will definitely be tough for me to choose between them down the road.

Stay tuned for the next with Evan, where we will debate the finals two sets of players, and narrow down who will represent his argument in the finals. Thanks for reading!


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