NFL Fan Free Agency: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part IV – Dark Horses


It’s time for the fourth entry by Evan Powell for my NFL Fan Free Agency. This is the third part of the players bracket in order to try and convince me to root for players instead of a team. This time he presented the dark horses, and it was quite the impressive list.

My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part IV – Dark Horses:

Here is an excerpt:

Brief Overview: This quadrant of the Player Bracket for Ben’s Fan Free Agency is focused on a group of NFL players that, for some reason or another – position, personality, or team affiliation – fly well under the radar in regards to the NFL spotlight. Many of them are very talented players, but they just go about their business in a quieter fashion than those that are featured in the Defensive and Offensive Stars categories. Nonetheless, you cannot argue against their on-field productivity. So don’t be fooled, Ben, all of these guys would make great candidates for your next new favorite player. Who knows? Maybe some of them have what it takes to get their team to the Super Bowl.

1.) Travis Frederick/Tyron Smith/Zack Martin (Dallas Cowboys) – How do you pace the league in total offense with a rookie QB and RB? By having the best offensive line in the NFL. And that’s exactly what the Dallas Cowboys have in these three studs. Starting center, guard, tackle. Every spot on the Dallas line of scrimmage is covered by absolute maulers. And ya know, I get it, offensive line isn’t a “sexy” position, but if Ben watches these guys closely, you will see not only a fun bunch of guys but a dominant unit. They open up holes downfield for phenom Zeke Elliot to run through, and they keep Dak Prescott upright. It was a combination that seemed to work really well last season, until the playoffs that is. The Cowboys had the league-best record of 13-3 in the regular season. That was due, in no small part, to these three guys. Ben, as far as dark horses are concerned, you need look no farther than these 3 stellar run and pass blockers. Cheering for these guys as your new favorite NFL players would be taking it back to a simpler time when games really were won in the trenches. Give these “Hog Mollies” a little love!

I hope you enjoy the full list of 8 NFL Dark Horses. Evan does a great job justifying their inclusion on the list. It will definitely be tough for me to choose between them down the road.

Stay tuned for Evan’s next post where he will do the next round of players. In addition, expect another post-NFL draft podcast coming your way soon with Dayne, Evan, and I. Thanks for reading!


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