NFL Fan Free Agency: The Browns Fan


My middle school buddy Aaron Avera joined Dayne and I as we continued working our way through the quarterfinals in my NFL Fan Free Agency. Aaron is the only Browns fan that we knew, and he wanted to argue why they should be my new favorite team.

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency 5

Aaron is not ashamed of the Browns recent history, so we brought him in to argue the Garbage part of the bracket. Watch as Aaron as he tries to persuade me to move the Browns past the Bears aka Paula’s team.

The Browns Fan Podcast on iTunes:

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The more in-depth argument is in the video above. Here is a little of what Aaron had to say regarding the teams that were matched up in this part of the bracket:

Jaguars vs. 49ers

Jaguars: “No matter how much talent they bring in, they can not perform…When they are winning a game, it is crazy there…Bortles has been absolutely atrocious since going there.”

49ers: “I don’t know if I trust John Lynch in a decision making role…They really have been rock bottom since the Harbaugh days…I’m not sold on Shanahan…They have no quarterback, which they need in his system”

WINNER: Jaguars

Browns vs. Bears

Browns: “We’re on our 70th coach in 5 years…Hue Jackson has the capability to turn the team around…Amis injuries, amid everything else, they are on the uprise…We have 11 picks in this draft…They have a young defense…I’m holding out for Deshaun Watson.”

Bears: “No quarterback, and even when they had Jay Cutler, no quarterback…They don’t have any wide receivers…Forte left last year…They’re not the 85 Bears…He (John Fox) makes a standing face all the time.”

WINNER: Coin flip challenge….Bears move on!

Thanks to Aaron for offering up a great debate, and for coming close to getting the Browns to the next round. You never know if they come back in play after the draft. The next time we will see these teams is after the NFL Draft, so it will be interesting to see who advances. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell. Enjoy the NFL Draft this week and thank you for reading, watching, and listening!


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