NFL Fan Free Agency: Gary Bolton vs. Eli Manning


My father Gary Bolton joined Dayne and I to wrap up the final part of the quarterfinals in my NFL Fan Free Agency. We talked about the “Don’t Trust Them” section of the bracket as we led up to the start of the NFL Draft.

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency 55

My dad talked about his plans as a former San Diego Chargers fan and how he will go about cheering for a NFL team next season. We then got down to debating the Giants (and Eli Manning) against the Bengals, and the Dolphins versus the Eagles.

Gary Bolton vs. Eli Manning Podcast on iTunes:

Gary Bolton vs. Eli Manning Podcast on Google Play:

The more in-depth argument is in the video above. Here is a little of what my dad had to say regarding the teams that were matched up in this part of the bracket:

Giants vs. Bengals

Giants: “I think the whole Manning family sold their soles to the devil…I’d go to New York to see shows or something, but not to see the Giants play.”

Bengals: “I’d rather go to Ohio, because I wouldn’t want to go to a Giants game because Eli is there…Looking on the bright side, there is somebody like A.J. Green that I can root for.”

Winner: Bengals aka NOT ELI!!!

Dolphins vs. Eagles

Dolphins: “The great Don Shula, and I am an old school guy, the only undefeated Franchise in a season including playoffs, goes to Miami…I like Miami, even though I worked most of the time.”

Eagles: “The number one things that I like about Philadelphia is that they have Sproles…I love the city of Philadelphia for historical purposes…Roster wise, I would go with Philadelphia”

Winner: Dolphins

Thanks to my dad for offering up a great debate, and for making sure that Eli Manning’s team would no longer have a chance in the bracket The next time we will see these teams is after the NFL Draft, so it will be interesting to see who advances. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell. Enjoy the NFL Draft and thank you for reading, watching, and listening!


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