NFL Fan Free Agency: It’s Clobbering Time!


The great Jack Patterson joined Dayne and I as we continued working our way through the quarterfinals in my NFL Fan Free Agency. Though Jack did not bring me Mike And Ikes, he brought some great stories, info, and arguments to the debate.

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency 4

Jack is a huge Flacons fan, so we brought him in to argue the Front Runners part of the bracket. Watch as Jack does his best to persuade me to put Matt Ryan and Julio Jones into the next round.

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The more in-depth argument is in the video above. Here is a little of what Jack had to say regarding the teams that were matched up in this part of the bracket:

Patriots vs. Cowboys

Patriots: “They always know how to rebuild. Tom Brady has been the centerpiece of that…It’s a way of knowing you will have continued success.”

Cowboys: “I like the way the Cowboys have positioned themselves for the future, especially with their two top skill position players…the future is bright for the Cowboys.”

WINNER: Cowboys

Falcons vs. Seahawks

Falcons: “The Falcons have had a crazy history….I think we are in the prime of Matt Ryan’s career and Julio Jones’ career…There’s no question Sarkisian is a great offensive mind, but can he keep himself together for the entire season”

Seahawks: “I love the Seattle Supersonics, and I hated it when they moved to Oklahoma City…You have the defending MLS champions”

WINNER: Falcons

Thanks to Jack for offering up a great debate, and for doing enough to push the Falcons and Cowboys on to the next round. The next time we will see these teams is after the NFL Draft, so it will be interesting to see who advances. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell. Enjoy the NFL Draft this week and thank you for reading, watching, and listening!


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