NFL Fan Free Agency: Quarterfinals Begin


Time to start the quarterfinals, and we begin in the “On The Rise” section of the bracket. The teams that moved on in the first round were Cardinals, Panthers, Vikings and Texans. For this round, we brought in the biggest Vikings fan we know, Dillan Edwards to help Dayne and I debate these four teams and see who advances.

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency 3.png

Watch as Dillan vigorously defends his Vikings, and all three of use debate who should move on in this tournament to determine my next favorite team.

Quarterfinals Begin Podcast on iTunes:

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The more in-depth argument is in the video above. Here is a little of what Dillan had to say regarding the teams that were matched up in this part of the bracket:

Cardinals vs. Panthers

Cardinals: “I actually met Kurt Warner one time in a bathroom at a restaurant, and he gave me his autograph…I think I asked him if he was Kurt Warner, he said yes, and in his pocket he had autographed cards already. He just pulled one out and gave it to me.”

Panthers: “I think a fun connection to the Panthers is what they are doing in free agency. They brought back a lot of studs from their past, Julius Peppers, Captain Munnerlyn, people who really produced for them. They are doing a little homecoming by bringing these guys back towards the end of their career.”

WINNER: Cardinals

Vikings vs. Texans

Vikings: “They’re clearly on the rise, and have been on the rise for a while now. If you pick a team at the top like the Patriots or Falcons, you are going to be labeled a bandwagon fan. You don’t want that. If you pick garbage or teams that you don’t trust, you will have a bunch of heartbreak…The city is beautiful in the summer time and beautiful in the winter time…The Vikings new stadium is loud, it’s exciting, it’s got tons of glass windows…Ben check this out, they have a Raising Cane’s in downtown Minneapolis…Both the Vikings and the Chargers have been victimized by Norv Turner.”

Texans: “I think the worst thing they could do is prioritize quarterbacks when the draft isn’t very deep at QB. It’s tough because their team is too good to get a high draft pick to get a quality quarterback from the start.”

WINNER: Vikings

Thanks to Dillan for offering up a great debate, and for doing enough to pull the upset on the Texans. The next time we will see these teams is after the NFL Draft, so it will be interesting to see who advances. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell. Enjoy the NFL Draft this week and thank you for reading, watching, and listening!


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