NFL Fan Free Agency: Garbage


It’s time for the final section of the first round in my NFL Fan Free Agency. Dayne Young is back to debate with me about the Garbage section of the bracket. Dayne described this section of the bracket as “These teams are the ones that move to other cities to become their garbage.”

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency 3.png

You can see who advanced in the first three sections of the bracket, and now it’s time to choose who will move on in the final part of the first round in NFL Fan Free Agency.

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These debates were pretty contentious, besides one, due to how bad these teams really are. One major factor that can help the garbage teams is that I like teams with clean slates and the ability to rebuild into something great. However, you have to choose an organization you trust to do the job right. Here are short summaries of the debates, and you can watch or listen to the more detailed one above.

Jaguars vs. Rams

Jaguars Pros: Grew up near Jacksonville and went to many games there, the Fred Taylor era, A lot of talent, Jalen Ramsey, Easy to get to, KHANNNNN

Jaguars Cons: BLAKE BORTLES, They could move to London in the next decade, Not much fan support

Rams Pros: TODD GURLEY THOUGH!!!, You get to visit LA, You might have a QB?

Rams Cons: Is Goff a franchise QB? Traffic, Costs to get to the game, Jeff Fisher

WINNER: Jaguars

Chargers vs. 49ers

Chargers Pros: I like some of the players still on the team

Chargers Cons: The whole point of this blog/podcast series is to move on, Travel costs, They moved from San Diego, They can’t figure out their logo

49ers Pros: Blank slate kind of team, Couple of good defensive lineman, Bowman, No more Chip Kelly, Cool place to visit, Can go see Warriors and Giants games

49ers Cons: Kyle Shanahan, A lot of rebuilding to go

WINNER: 49ers

Bears vs. Titans

Bears Pros: This is Paula’s favorite team, This is where Paula’s family is from, We visit Chicago at least once or twice a year, No more Jay Cutler, Nice defensive pieces

Bears Cons: John Fox, Who is your QB?

Titans Pros: Up and coming team, Mariota, Murray and Henry combo, Nashville is fun,

Titans Cons: Not Paula’s favorite team or where her family is from, Bad coach


Bills vs. Browns

Bills Pros: McCoy is a great running back

Bills Cons: Location, Weather, Is Tyrod Taylor your QB?

Browns Pros: Blank slate team, Great move by adding a pick by taking on Osweiler, Number one pick and a second 1st round pick, Great grilled cheese restaurant in Cleveland, LeBron, Indians

Browns Cons: The airport, Terrible track record at QB, Do they have the right coach?

WINNER: Browns

That was the final part of round one of NFL Fan Free Agency. The Jaguars, 49ers, Bears, and Browns move on to the next round. The next post and podcast will being the second round of debates, and we will have special guests on for most of them. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell. Enjoy the beginning of the NBA Playoffs and thank you for reading, listening, and watching!


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