NFL Fan Free Agency: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part III – Offensive Stars


It’s time for the third entry by Evan Powell for my NFL Fan Free Agency. This is the second part of the players bracket in order to try and convince me to root for players instead of a team. This time he presented the offensive stars, and it was quite the impressive list.

My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part III – Offensive Stars:

Evan and I also recorded a podcast this time a round to discuss and debate both the offensive and defensive stars from his players bracket. We also fit in some Masters talk, and discussion on the NBA MVP vote.

Bolton Sports Podcast #38 on iTunes – Masters, NBA MVP, and NFL Fan Free Agency with Evan Powell:

Here is an excerpt from the Offensive Stars post:

Brief Overview: This category will place the spotlight on some of the League’s biggest and brightest stars on the offensive side of the ball. Furthermore, this list will include some GIANT NAMES from the past decade (or in some instances, longer) in the NFL. True star power represented here. Madden Covers, super-duper millionaires, guys that are household names not only here in the U.S., but around the world… these are the players that make up this list. Among their collective accolades, this bunch has won 7 Super Bowls, 5 Super Bowl MVP honors, NFL Man of the Year, and a handful of Offensive Player of the Year Awards. They have led the NFL in passing, rushing, and receiving categories. Countless Pro Bowls. 4th Quarter comebacks. Eye-popping statistics. Touchdowns on touchdowns on touchdowns. As I personally survey this list, I see at least 5 guys who are certain Hall of Fame locks and likely 6 or 7 (if not more) who will one day be in Canton. Furthermore, they might even have roads or cities named after them — like Joe, Montana. (It’s a real place people; look it up.) All of these offensive stalwarts will be competitive candidates jockeying for a spot as Ben’s next new favorite football player. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and reveal the names on the Offensive Stars list.

1.) Jason Witten/Dez Bryant (Dallas Cowboys) – Much like my post last week breaking down the first category (which you can find here: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part II – Defensive Stars), this category will also include one “bundle” of players. We will start with these two teammates from America’s team… Cowboys’ tight end Jason Witten and wide receiver Dez Bryant. The two make an interesting, but undeniably exciting and explosive pair. Combined, the two have carried the lion’s share of the receiving load for the Cowboys for the last seven seasons since the 2010 Draft, when Dez was taken 24th overall in the 1st Round. It would be a fortuitous move for the Cowboys, seeing as how since 2010, Bryant is in the Top 5 in almost every receiving category fathomable. And if he can play for another seven years, there is no telling just how high the limit is on what Dez might accomplish.

I hope you enjoy the list of 8 offensive stars, and if you listen to the podcast, you can here who I chose to represent both the offensive and defensive stars in Evan’s final argument. They were hard choices, but we did a good job in justifying the pick.

Stay tuned for Evan’s next post with the next 8 players in his bracket. In addition, Dayne Young and I are finishing up the first round of my NFL Fan Free Agency in the next post and video podcast. Be on the lookout!


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