NFL Fan Free Agency: The Front Runners


We are back with the next part of the first round in my NFL Fan Free Agency. Dayne Young joined me for another video podcast as we debated the Front Runners part of the bracket. Dayne described this group as “Consistent contenders, rarely whiffs on drafts picks or errs in free agency.”

Bracket Update:

Ben Fan Free Agency.png

You can see above the teams that advanced in the “On The Rise” and the “Don’t Trust Them” parts of the bracket. Now it’s time to choose between the consistently great teams in the NFL.

The Front Runners Podcast on iTunes:

These debates seemed to be pretty decisive for the most part. The teams are so good that the rosters almost count each other out. The outside factors really played a part. Here are summaries of the debates, and you can watch the more detailed one above.

Patriots vs. Broncos

Patriots Pros: GRONK!, Tom Brady may play 7 more years, Malcolm Mitchell, Bold offseason moves, Boston is a great sports town, Celtics and Red Sox games

Patriots Cons: You hate them unless you are a fan of them, They are the reason Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, Belichick press conference answers, Can they keep Malcolm Butler?

Broncos Pros: Von Miller, Von Miller’s glasses, Denver would be fun to visit, Bey Bey, In the Romo running, Elway as GM

Broncos Cons: Who is your QB?, Cap room leaves little wiggle room

WINNER: Patriots

Cowboys vs. Packers

Cowboys Pros: DAK ATTACK!, Elliot and the Offensive line are the best, Paula’s brother lives there, The stadium, Set to be contenders for the next decade, Not too far away from Houston, Dez Bryant

Cowboys Cons: Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Have the disappointment factor like the Chargers had

Packers Pros: Aaron Rodgers, Amazing stadium and atmosphere, The linebackers were in Pitch Perfect 2, Martellus Bennett signing

Packers Cons: Getting tickets will be hard and expensive, Traveling up there not as easy, Not much to do outside of football, Mike McCarthy

WINNER: Cowboys

Falcons vs. Steelers

Falcons Pros: My home state team, Most of my family are Falcons fans, JULIO!, Matt Ryan is an NFL MVP, Convenience of getting to games, The Vick era was amazing, Arthur Blank, New stadium is awesome, Dan Quinn

Falcons Cons: Georgia sports teams always come up just short, I am already a secondary fan from my Chargers years, Teams that lose the Super Bowl usually have bad years the next season

Steelers Pros: Bell, Brown, and Roethlisberger, The downtown are of Pittsburgh is nice, Pirates stadium is great, Atmosphere and fan base are top notch, Terrible towels, Hines Ward legacy, Mike Tomlin’s stare

Steelers Cons: No NBA team, The defense isn’t the same, Parking seemed tough when I went

WINNER: Falcons

Ravens vs. Seahawks

Ravens Pros: Terrell Suggs, The 2001 Ravens were awesome, Ray Lewis’ speeches

Ravens Cons: IS FLACCO ELITE?!?, Do I really want to visit Baltimore?, Ray Rice

Seahawks Pros: SWAG, Team colors are cool, Pete Carroll, Pete Carroll’s energy, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, When Richard Sherman speaks out, Great city to visit, Paula has family there, Stadium atmosphere and loudness

Seahawks Cons: It’s far away, No more Marshawn Lynch

WINNER: Seahawks

That was part three on round one of NFL Fan Free Agency. The Seahawks, Falcons, Cowboys, and Patriots move on to the next round. The next post and podcast will conclude the first round as we debate the worst of the worst teams in the NFL. In addition, stay on the lookout for the next post from Evan Powell, and an upcoming podcast with him as well. Enjoy the Final Four and thank you for reading, listening, and watching!


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