NFL Fan Free Agency: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part II – Defensive Stars


Evan Powell is back with his next entry in the NFL Fan Free Agency series. This is the first part of his players bracket, where he is trying to get me to join his philosophy of rooting for NFL players instead of teams. He starts with the defensive stars, and it’s hard to argue with the stellar list of players he has picked.

My Friend Ben, The Free Agent, Part II – Defensive Stars:

Here is an excerpt:

Brief Overview: The players spotlighted in this category are guys that have made a living wrecking the offensive schemes of opposing teams. They are not only leaders on their teams, but they represent some of the best in the NFL at their positions. These are guys you really wanna consider avoiding on 3rd downs… Well, really every down, but good luck with that. Hard hitting, high-energy, high-IQ, tenacious kinda guys. These are the fellas that you feel good about getting a big defensive stop or turnover when the game comes down to crunch time. They are a versatile and young group of well-known stars. And though I originally had named this category “Future Hall of Famers – Defense”, the ballot-casters are far too fickle for me to personally guarantee that each one of these guys will make it to the HOF. However, if these men continue to perform at the level they have the last 2 or 3 seasons of their careers, they have a fantastic chance of getting a bust in Canton. Which is great, because what more could Ben want than to be able to sit down 15 years from now with little Ben, Jr. and watch the Inaugural Hall of Fame game in early August and tell him, “See that guy? He was my favorite player back in the day.”

1.) Eric Berry/Justin Houston (Kansas City Chiefs) – Toughness is cool. And it is easy to cheer for a guy that is so tough that he has beat back cancer and returned to the playing field. That’s exactly the kind of tough Ben would be cheering for in Chiefs Safety Eric Berry. A former Tennessee Volunteer (SEC connections), on-field accomplishments have followed Berry since high school. In college, he was a 2-time All-American and the SEC Defensive Player of the Year in 2008. He added the Thorpe Award in 2009. He was drafted 5th overall to the Chiefs in 2010, and he has been voted to 5 Pro Bowls in his 6 seasons on the team, including 2015, when he won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year after taking chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkin’s lymphoma throughout the 2014-2015 offseason. Could there be a more victorious season than his 2015 season? Maybe, but I don’t know of one.

I hope you enjoy the full list of 8 defensive stars. Evan does a great job justifying their inclusion on the list. It will definitely be tough for me to choose between them down the road.

Stay tuned for Evan’s next post where he will do the next round of players. It will include a video podcast as well where he and I can discuss his picks, and we can see where I’m leaning moving forward.

ICYMI: Part one of Evan’s coinciding blog series –


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