NFL Fan Free Agency: Don’t Trust Them

Dayne Young joined me for our first ever Google Hangouts video podcast to debate the next four teams in NFL Fan Free Agency. We went to the “Don’t Trust Them” part of the bracket. Dayne described these teams as “Save your money, don’t bet these routine disappointments.”

Bracket Update from Round 1:

Ben Fan Free Agency

You can see above who made it out of the first round in the “On The Rise” part of the bracket. Now it’s time to turn to the next four matchups.

Don’t Trust Them Podcast on iTunes:

These were pretty tough to decide, especially because this part of the bracket has a lot of teams that made me feel uneasy. And of course, Dayne saved the most dastardly team for last! Here are some summaries, but listen or watch above for the full debate.

Eagles vs. Jets

Eagles Pros: Grew up liking McNabb/Westbrook, Once met McNabb at a Jaguars game, The wide receiver group is amazing, Then they added Alshon Jeffery, Promising young QB, Paula’s friend Anita lives there, Some talented pieces spread through out on the defense

Eagles Cons: THEY THREW SNOWBALLS AND BOOED SANTA!!! Ryan Matthews (Ben rolls eyes)

Jets Pros: You get to visit New York, Some great defensive linemen, Jordan Jenkins, Calvin Pryor, The two games Austin Seferian-Jenkins is good

Jets Cons: Not the fun kind of cold football games, Losing culture, They signed a McCown, When you lose your fantasy football matchup because the guy you faced randomly started Seferian-Jenkins one of the those two games

WINNER: Eagles

Saints vs. Dolphins

Saints Pros: DREW BREES! – He was a good Charger, You get to visit New Orleans, Damian Swann was a fun interview, Mark Ingram, Steve Gleason statue

Saints Cons: Same division as Falcons, The Falcons biggest rival, No defense, They don’t have Brandin Cooks anymore, Nick Fairley (only because he almost removed Aaron Murray from existence), Manti Te’o

Dolphins Pros: Miami is a fun place to visit (Dayne approved), Warm weather all year, Cam Wake and Ndamukong Suh!, Value pick in Tunsil last year, Dan LeBatard hosts his shows there, Papi loves Kiko Alonso, Lawrence Timmons signing, Kenyan Drake is awesome (But please stop asking him about his leg), Rashad Jones aka UGA represent aka He wasn’t that good at UGA aka But now he is one of the best safeties in the NFL?, Jarvis Landry + Julius Thomas + DeVante Parker

Dolphins Cons: RYAN TANNEHILL PURGATORY!!! Hard Rock Stadium…really?

WINNER: Dolphins

Bengals vs. Lions

Bengals Pros: Basically UGA football graduate school, A.J. GREEN, GENO ATKINS, Would be cool to go to a Reds game, They have all the pieces except they are in…

Bengals Cons: ANDY DALTON PURGATORY!!!!!! They are wasting the HOF career of A.J. Green, Marvin Lewis has been there too long

Lions Pros: Matthew Stafford is a boss, Stafford plays through pain, A’shawn Robinson’s ageless look

Lions Cons: It’s Detroit, Megatron is gone, Just not a lot of excitement here

WINNER: Bengals

Colts vs. Giants

Colts Pros: ANDREW LUCK!, Adam Vinatieri still plays

Colts Cons: ANDREW LUCK IMPRESSIONS!, Jim Irsay needs to chill, Why is Chuck Pagano still the coach?, The destination that is Indianapolis, The Trent Richardson trade, Paul George wants to leave so no fun NBA games to go to

Giants Pros: ODELL BECKHAM JR, Miami boat parties, They added Brandon Marshall, Landon Collins is a boss, Jason Pierre-Paul, Fun DB group, You get to visit New York

Giants Cons: enhanced-buzz-9496-1378415386-6.jpg

SUPRISE WINNER: Giants – but listen to the podcast to hear my anti-Eli Manning rant

Those were the next four matchups in my NFL Fan Free Agency. Moving the Giants on to the next round was a decision I may have to stare in the mirror for a long time thinking about. Eli EW! Thanks for reading, watching, and listening to this part of the bracket. Stay tuned for the next update from Evan Powell’s bracket of NFL players, and eventually the next four matchups in the first round of NFL Fan Free Agency.


One comment

  1. This was really, really good. I liked the Google Hangout format a lot. It was fun getting to see both of you talking, great idea. And the other visuals y’all added. Definitely fun. Katie and I can speak for Cincinnati – Great American Ball Park one of the nicer sports venues out there, the actual city is just middle of the road. Not a bad one for sure, and it has some beauty, but definitely not as special as Seattle or others!

    Glad the Dolphins made it to the next round!


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