NFL Fan Free Agency: My Friend Ben, The Free Agent


Time to introduce one of my best friends Evan Powell into the NFL Fan Free Agency project. If you remember from the rules, Evan is working alongside our bracket of teams with his own bracket of players. Evan cheers for players, not teams, in the NFL. He is doing his best to convince me to join him in this approach, rather than adopt a new team to replace the Chargers.

EVAN POWELL’s My Friend Ben, The Free Agent:

Here is an excerpt:

Three of my four years at the University of Georgia, I was afforded the privilege to “room” with a guy named Ben Bolton. Ben grew up in Savannah just like I did, and we went to the same middle school and high school together. Our senior year of high school, we both realized that we were headed to Athens in the fall and we could either apply to Freshman Housing as each other’s roommates or get thrown into a giant pool and be assigned someone random.

Though we weren’t the absolute best of friends at the time, we decided rooming with each other was a better option than playing the Roommate Lottery. And so, we lived in that tiny cracker box of a dorm room together on the 9th floor of Creswell Hall at UGA for our freshman year. After taking a year-long break from each other during our sophomore year, we realized we rather liked the old arrangement and we found an apartment to live in together our junior year. Our senior year we moved again and added a fella from Iowa named Dillan Edwards to the fold. He was a pretty solid dude also. (Skol Vikes!)

That decision we made back in our senior year at Savannah Arts Academy has proven to be a decision that has made quite an impact on both of our lives. From that decision has sprung forth a long friendship in which we have had some really awesome experiences together. There was the Snowpocalypse of January ’11. There were countless Choo Choo runs. Tennis at 2am at “the Bach Pad”. The inexplicable food challenge we took on that one night that henceforth we will never speak of again. Singing Dracula’s Lament over and over again. And all sorts of other ratchetness We went on a Graduation Road Trip in the Summer of 2014 to celebrate the fact we could finally walk under the Arch.

Evan is a great writer and it is definitely worth you time. You should check out his other posts too, he is a very insightful guy.

In addition, he lays out the rules for his bracket of players. He has four categories with 8 players in each category. Expect a few podcasts with Evan coming up soon as we discuss the players, and work our way to the decision of new favorite team, or to root for players.

You can also check out Evan and I’s podcast breaking down UGA’s 2016 football season here:


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