NFL Fan Free Agency: First 4 Matchups

The first four matchups of the NFL Fan Free Agency have been decided. But first, the overall bracket for the road to my new team has been released!


You can listen to a breakdown of the bracket, the intriguing matchups, some NFL Free Agency Rumors, and the first four debates on the podcast below.

First 4 Matchups Podcast:

The first four matchups in my NFL Fan Free Agency were heated discussions! Dayne Young helped me push the debate along. We started in the “On The Rise” section of the bracket. The summaries below don’t touch on every pro and con, but definitely hit major ones.

Raiders vs. Cardinals

Raiders pros: Derek Carr, Amari Cooper (loved covering him at Alabama), Khalil Mack, it would be fun to visit Las Vegas, potential to win a Super Bowl in the next 5 years, Win Baby Win

Raiders cons: Former San Diego fans despise the Raisers, weird fans with weird makeup, stadium in Oakland is bad, history of bad signings and drafting

Cardinals pros: David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Tyrann Mathieu, a great indoor stadium, Phoenix would be fun to visit, great outdoors activities and golf courses, Chris Gilmore

Cardinals cons: CARSON PALMER!

WINNER: Cardinals

Panthers vs. Chiefs

Panthers pros: a lot of UGA connections, Franchise QB and LB, Cam Newton, Charles Johnson, Ron Rivera (aka former Chargers DC), Charlotte is a great city, Cool stadium with cool fans, James and Chelsea are there

Panthers cons: also Cam Newton – just college gripes, in the same division as Falcons, Josh Norman is no longer there

Chiefs pros: Justin Houston, Chris Conley (Paula’s crush), loud stadium, good food

Chiefs cons: ALEX SMITH!, Andy Reid’s inevitable playoff demise, Tyreek Hill, Kansas City is surrounded by…., Too close to a rival journalism school, no more Charles at RB

WINNER: Panthers

Vikings vs. Redskins

Vikings pros: Dillan!, New stadium, Paula likes snowy weather, usually a good defense, fun wide receiver group

Vikings cons: new stadium kills birds, Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater’s injury, Adrian Peterson is gone

Redskins pros: Josh Norman, Kirk Nawrotzky will enjoy your friendship, Kirk’s rants, You Like That was a classic

Redskins cons: Their name…, Nobody likes the owner, nobody wants to be there, not an attractive city to visit for football

WINNER: Vikings

Buccaneers vs. Texans

Buccaneers pros: Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Gerald McCoy, stadium is near Disney and Universal, good weather, borderline drive-able

Buccaneers cons: same division as Falcons, Jameis Winston’s past and visits to schools, they have a pirate ship?,

Texans pros: JADEVEON CLOWNEY, JADEVEON CLOWNEY, JADEVEON CLOWNEY, oh yea and jj watt, They have all the pieces except a QB, Paula’s best friend is in Houston, cool stadium, Osweiler got traded!, Hopkins and Fuller, easy division to win

Texans cons: Tom Savage, sometimes Bill O’Brien, Bob McNair

WINNER: Texans

That was the first four matchups! Make sure you listen to the podcast for the colorful and more detailed debates. As teams advance, we will bring in fans from those teams to tell Dayne and I why or why not to join their fanbase!


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